Benjamin Verhulst

The truth is that every experience, every feeling, every film you see, becomes part of the sensibilities you apply to making a movie.
Conrad Hall
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Benjamin Verhulst is a Steadicam, MōVI and Camera Operator. He has had the privilege of helping award-winning Directors and DPs create dynamic, engaging shots on features, TV shows and national commercials. With a background in camera, theatre and dance, he has been able to contribute his timing, physicality and storytelling abilities to the operating profession. There are few things more rewarding than bringing a worthy story to life - Ben’s goal is to do so as honestly and beautifully as possible.

Ben has had the pleasure of working with some of the best DPs in the industry, including Jeff Cutter, Karl Walter Lindenlaub, Fred Elmes, Alwin Kuchler, Ron Garcia and Anthony Hardwick. His alma mater is the Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts, where he studied under legendary industry veterans such as Rexford Metz and Academy Award Winners Stuart Robertson and Richard Portman.
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